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General Information on Renewable Energy


Wildflowers grow near the Unsteady Aerodynamics Experiment (aka combined experiment)
Photo courtesy of Warren Gretz (NREL PIX number 05304)

The links below are excellent resources for general introductory information on renewable energy.


Alternative Energy Directory

"The Michigan Alternative Energy Directory has been compiled by the staff of WWJ Newsradio 950 to demonstrate the extensive resources and capabilities of Michigan's alternative energy industry. Information in the description of each company was compiled from the web and other sources." Companies that are committed to a green Michigan can be found on this web site.

Apollo Alliance

The Apollo Alliance is a “coalition of labor, business, environmental, and community leaders working to catalyze a clean energy revolution that will put millions of Americans to work in a new generation of high-quality, green-collar jobs.” This site offers press releases, reports, and programs relating to energy efficiency and renewable energy.

California Energy Commission

The California Energy Commission, located in Sacramento, is the state's primary energy policy and planning agency. Its primary functions are forecasting future energy needs, keeping historical energy data, promoting energy efficiency, developing energy technologies, supporting renewable energy, and planning for and directing state response to energy emergencies. This site provides a myriad of public information from consumer energy saving tips to extensive energy research reports.

Choose Renewables

This web site is a great resource for those interested in saving energy, as it offers energy conserving products and general information on how to reduce energy consumption.

Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy

This site provides access to a comprehensive database of both state and federal grant and tax incentive programs for renewable energy commercialization and use.

Matter Network

Matter Network is a media complex dedicated to creating, collecting, and organizing news and information about the clean technology and sustainability revolutions. The site covers many topics, including energy, the environment, green buildings, green gadgets, investing, transportation, and urban planning.

Michigan Green

Michigan GREEN is a non-profit organization committed to advancing the implementation of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies, increasing the awareness and understanding of these technologies, and providing access to financial institutions that facilitate funding opportunities for energy related projects. This site provides information on energy saving tips, and a multitude of articles related to energy efficiency and renewable energy.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

NREL is the nation's primary laboratory for renewable energy and energy efficiency research and development. NREL was established in 1974 and began operating in 1977 as the Solar Energy Research Institute. In September 1991, it was designated a national laboratory of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and changed its name to NREL. This organization’s website is a good source of free published research.

Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS)

UCS is an independent nonprofit alliance of more than 100,000 concerned citizens and scientists. They augment rigorous scientific analysis with innovative thinking and committed citizen advocacy to build a cleaner, healthier environment and a safer world. UCS's programs are the means by which they accomplish the translation of the vision into action.

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