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Fuel Cells


Fuel Cells used to power Anchorage, Alaska's mail processing center
Photo by Robert Ward, NREL PIX #12143

According to Fuel Cell Today, “a fuel cell is an electrochemical device, which converts chemical energy to electrical energy without combustion”. Fuel Cells generally combine oxygen and hydrogen gas to form water and this bond formation releases energy. The energy can be used to run a variety of systems, such as vehicles or buildings, releasing only pure water and a small amount of waste heat. The oxygen gas can be obtained directly from the air, but a feasible source of hydrogen still needs to be determined.


California Fuel Cell Partnership

The California Fuel Cell Partnership is a unique collaboration of auto manufacturers, energy companies, fuel cell technology companies, and government agencies dedicated to promoting fuel cell vehicle commercialization. The goal of this organization is to move toward a sustainable energy future, increase energy efficiency and reduce or eliminate air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions through fuel cell technology.

Fuel Cell Today

Fuel Cell Today is a London-based global Internet portal which aims to accelerate the commercialization of fuel cells. Fuel Cell Today is without bias towards any single organization, fuel cell technology or application, but exists for the global fuel cell community. It serves everyone who is or wants to be part of this dynamic new industry, from research scientists and marketers to journalists and end users. The site is a good source of information about different fuel cell technologies and companies, legislation, and industry reports.

Fuel Cells 2000

Fuel Cells 2000 is an activity of the Breakthrough Technologies Institute (BTI), a nonprofit educational organization. BTI was formed to promote the development and early commercialization of fuel cells and related pollution-free and energy-efficient generation, storage and fuel utilization technologies. This site provides information on fuel cell basics, emerging technologies, and related projects around the world.

Sustainable Energy Coalition

The Sustainable Energy Coalition is comprised of more than 30 national business, environmental, consumer, and energy policy organizations. The Coalition was founded in 1992 and promotes increased federal support for energy efficiency, renewable energy technologies and reduced federal support for unsafe or polluting energy resources. This link illustrates basic information on fuel cells, such as how they function, and provides links to other valuable fuel cell related websites.

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