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Geysers in Sonoma County, California with pipe transferring steam from drill hole to Geothermal plant
Photo by Don Follows, courtesy of the U.S. National Park Service

Geothermal energy is derived from heat contained in the earth’s crust. The energy can be utilized to generate electricity, heat water, or a variety of other uses. Ground-source heat pumps allow the use of heat from the earth or groundwater to warm structures in the winter or cool in the summer. This technology is limited to certain regions of the world.


Geothermal Home Guide

Geothermal technology can either suppliment or replace conventional HVAC and electricity systems. This link provides information and diagrams to convey information on residential or personal geothermal systems and how they work. The website lists pros and cons to geothermal systems, the different types, uses, and additional links to explain the history and current state of geothermal energy systems.

Geothermal Resources Council (GRC)

The GRC is a tax-exempt, nonprofit, educational 501(c)(3) association formed in 1970. With members in 30 countries, the organization actively seeks to expand its role as a primary professional educational association for the international geothermal community. The site includes an extensive on-line library of geothermal information, events and workshops, and a virtual look into geothermal energy.

Renewable Energy Policy Project (REPP) or CREST

REPP's goal is to accelerate the use of renewable energy by providing credible information, policy analysis, and innovative strategies amid the changing energy market and mounting environmental concerns we all face. The site offers a host of information on alternative energy, energy efficiency, energy policy, access to discussion groups, and an extensive list of free publications.

Sustainable Energy Coalition (SEC)

The Sustainable Energy Coalition brings together more than 30 national business, environmental, consumer, and energy policy organizations. Founded in 1992, the SEC promotes increased federal support for energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies and reduced federal support for unsafe or polluting energy resources. The geothermal section on the SEC site provides an excellent introductory article into geothermal energy, as well as links for more information.

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